RiverCross BookCross


Get a Book

When you bring in a book (new or used) to our library, you are then registered as an official BookCross Member, which means you get to peruse through our shelves and pick out a new-to-you book to bring home.  We have a large selection of great titles and new authors for you to explore – check out our library lookup to see what’s in stock.

We have over 1800 books in our library!! Thank you to all who have contributed!

Now it’s time for YOU to enjoy the library and see what’s on our shelves.  

Be sure to join us starting Wednesdays on September 2nd for our Library Open Hours from 10am to 2pm*!

*PLEASE NOTE: Dates & times are subject to change, please keep checking our Facebook page for updates!

Share a Book

Bring a book to RiverCross during the specified drop off times and drop in for tea! We will log your book, label it, then have it ready to be picked up by another reader from our shelf.

Do you have a book that you’ve loved and would love to share?

Bring it to RiverCross BookCross, we will label it and have it here to share with guests and visitors, as well as special book events.

Follow the Adventure

Did you have a book that you brought and wondered where it went? What the reader thought or said? Search for the RCID (located on the sticker inside the front cover) of the book on our website, leave a comment – let us know where it’s come from or where it’s gone.

If you want to participate or simply have a book or two to donate, we want to hear from you!! Please email us to arrange a time – books@rivercrossranch.ca

For directions or more information, please contact us at info@rivercrossranch.ca or fill in the contact form below. Thank you!!




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