From the Labyrinth — with Love

Over the past two years I have had a challenge to describe the facilities and the magic that is RiverCross. It began its journey being constructed to represent a fictional family’s home all completely intact on the outside but incomplete and unfinished on the inside.

Fast forward two or more years walking the meditative path of our beautiful Kingsley’s Labyrinth, I have often reflected of how like the house we as humans can be.

Looking at our outside adornments and attention to detail can often give the perception that we are fully intact and complete when we really are far from that fact.

When we dare to spend the time authentically addressing what really lies beneath our surface exterior (our outer walls), it is often surprising what depth and resources we have ignored or forgotten. Questions or directions that have confounded us at a surface level can be defined and often answered with a deliberate effort to connect to our divine intuitive nature.

Walking the ancient and sacred path of the Labyrinth is a step by step ritual that offers the opportunity to unplug from what we think it SHOULD look like, to become aware and to connect to what it REALLY is.

Give yourself the gift of exploring your personal it in the Labyrinth. I guarantee that you will enjoy and be expanded by the experience.