Tuesday High Tea – February 7th, 2017

You are cordially invited…

Please join us for Tuesday High Tea at RiverCross Ranch, a lovely location just outside the city of Calgary, where you can come and enjoy a cucumber sandwich and cup of tea, at our Tuesday High Tea event.

Bring a friend or group… Admission is only a $2 minimum at the door and all proceeds go towards the charity ROARR.

Your contribution to the community and supporting the ROARR charity is so appreciated, we hope that you’ll continue to join us for this event, and the many more we have to come. Stay posted of our latest events on RiverCross Facebook Page too!

RiverCross Ranch is a treasure unto itself, the upcoming Tuesday High Tea is a chance for you to come and experience the scenery and sensations of this special place.  Treat yourself to tea and enjoy the possibilities of this breathtaking space.

No reservations required, however if you have not visited before, you will require directions, please fill in the form below and we will send them to you: