Location History

Located on historic land where the family proudly continues to carry on the farming/ranching tradition that has been in the family since the late 1800’s.


A rich history, featured on TV

RiverCross was featured in the CBC series “Wild Roses”, which was filmed on the private ranch in Springbank. The series aptly named the location ‘RiverCross’ which the ranch owners have kept.

The Canadian television drama series, Wild Roses, debuted January 6, 2009, featuring The McGregor Ranch which is shot on location at a nearby home situated in the rural community of Springbank, northwest of Calgary. The signature landscape associated with the show, and with Calgary, is taken from the private homestead ranch where RiverCross is located. Delight in the view of the beautiful rolling foothills, backed by the majestic Rocky Mountains, and privately share this famous view with your own guests.

WildRoses-PosterTV Wild Roses: The Plot The series focused on the conflict between the McGregors, a family of wealthy oil developers residing on Montrose Ranch, and the Henrys, a widow and her three daughters living in the neighbouring RiverCross Ranch. RiverCross used to belong to the McGregors, but was given to the Henrys. The current head of the McGregor family, resented this decision and wants to take back RiverCross.



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