ROARR - jpeg - roaring smallRobinson Outreach At RiverCross Ranch

The Dave, Keith, and John Robinson families have deep roots in the Springbank community and take pride in their generous contributions to this area for many decades. This long-time ranching family is now fulfilling a dream that will allow others to share in the beauty of their Springbank ranch. ROARR foundation is doing exactly that – sharing the family’s blessings with others that are not as fortunate. ROARR headquarters are at RiverCross Ranch, on the Robinson’s Val Vista ranch property just west of the Springbank High School.  Underprivileged adults and children will have the opportunity to visit and experience the ranch life, along with activities and meals, and creating a positive and uplifting impact in the visitors’ lives.

ROARR’S first benefit was held on December 13th, 2014 at RiverCross Ranch. Families from Inn From the Cold, a non-profit organization for the homeless, attended a Christmas party with activities, gifts from “Santa” and a dinner to celebrate the holidays.


Visit the Official ROARR Website for more information!


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